Friday, 24 May 2013

My Quest For Linux (Ubuntu)

Some few weeks ago my interest and love for Linux have increased so much. I made all attempts to get a copy from anyone who uses the same thing here in my community but none of the people I asked have heard of it before. 
But I really want to make that "BIG" switch for now.

So I decided to research about one the Linux distro (Ubuntu) where I came across a lot of useful infos.
I even saw that Ubuntu CD's were once distributed ( Then I remembered I've seen one of the distributed CD's some years back with someone) . 

I found out that to get Ubuntu is either I download it OR buy the DVD 
(NB: The operating system is not for sale, it's free, you are only paying for the DVD and shipment not the software). Downloading it here will be quite something for me now.

I quickly came across a message in a forum which was posted some years back. So I decided to contact one of its members. Which he responded to.

I also posted my message in one of LinkedIn's Linux users group. This message attracted a lot of comments.
I even received private messages from people willing to send me the DVD's and others for free. Which have been sent and are yet to reach me.

I started reading and practicing some commands and other things about Linux online until I received the first DVD sent by John from USA recently. 

My Day 1 Experience with Linux (Ubuntu) coming soon now here

Checkout my Desktop


  1. Awesome looking desktop Dude!...(I personally don't keep so many icons in the Unity Pane....but that's the beauty of Linux you can design and customize it to however YOU WANT!...LoL!) What do you think of the office suite? it not INCREDIBLE!?....and you're going to love the Thunderbird mail Client...(or not...I guess it depends on what you're used to!) either way....enjoy your new found "freedom" from being locked into another company's operating system!...LOL!

    Eddie G. O'Connor Jr.

    1. All the features are great. Thank you.


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