Saturday, 1 June 2013

Day 1 Experience with Linux (Ubuntu)

Less than a month ago, I received an Ubuntu DVD sent by John Abbot from USA to me after my quest for Linux.
I was very happy when I received this DVD, all on my mind then was to eliminat the Windows 7   installed.

On getting home around 8 pm I quickly settled down and started the installation.
I didn't bother to read further any longer, because my quest for Ubuntu was very high to the extend that all on my mind was seeing UBUNTU work for me.

Suddenly something terrible happened. Do you want to know?
OK, here is how it happened.
During the installation, there came a stage where I have to choose what to install. I decided to replace Windows 7 with Ubuntu 13.04 hence I went for the second option.
Not knowing Ubuntu will not leave my previous partitions on Windows 7.

After the installation have been completed I started looking for my files. Then I realized that the capacity of my hard disk have increased. Immediately, I knew all was not well but I said to myself
"All is well, All is well" 
as I always see from my favorite Indian movie (3 Idiots) yet all wasn't well.

Indeed I've lost numerous files, but immediately all came back to normal when I realize I had a little back-up. I quickly searched for it. Luckily I got some of the valuable ones. And I also remembered I have some of the confidential ones in my Google Drive.

Then “More VIM” and “Think Ghana Is Friday #TGIF” mode was activated since it was Friday.

I quickly open the Ubuntu Terminal (Command Line Interface (CLI)) and started inputting the commands I've learned.

Hey, do you know what my first command in the Terminal was? Yeah! Thinks you got it right ls,

Secondly I used the cd (Change Directory) command to change my current/working directory to Desktop.
Quickly I remembered the cat command, which I used it to create a text file, now representing the text portion of this blog post.

And this was the first funny command I typed into the terminal:

apt-get moo

I still didn't believe all those files were gone, so I went through all the folders one by one, and finally understood all was gone, and I said All is well once again.

I had a lot of fun with other commands in the Terminal, I also made my mind to use the Terminal for everything when I lay my hands on one. 

Even though I've lost a great number of data am still very glad for getting started with Linux.

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