Thursday, 21 November 2013

Great KETASCO @ 60 #Dzolali

Source: P.K. Heloo's Facebook Timeline
Yeah! Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide....... (Dzolalians will continue)

Great Ketasco is 60 and her children can't wait to celebrate how far she has come. Is been a great one passing through the walls of Ketasco for me and all "Dzolalians". I was in Ketasco from October 2008  to June 2012 (Kotoka House).

From the image above no need for me to talk. Be there in your numbers. Hope to meet both old and new Dzo lali folks.


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ho - Aflao #trotro Experience

Trotro mini buses
Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you are not in Ghana and reading this am 100% sure you've never heard of the word trotro.

mate used here is the name of the one who helps the trotro driver, collecting lorry fare from passengers and others.

Trotro I will say is a major means of transport. I love taking trotro's a lot. I was thinking I name this post Aflao - Ho, Ho - Aflao #trotro experience since, the experience from Aflao to Ho to was funny and interesting too.

Aflao to Ho...

Leaving Aflao for BarCamp Ho in October,  At 5 AM, getting out of my house and the shouting Ho! Ho!! that morning the driver of the trotro just applied the break and I jumped inside happily thinking it was full of people going to Ho. Not knowing all of them were going to Dzodze. After Dzodze, the driver and mate's eyes became hot since they were not getting passengers as we move.

Well luckily we got one passenger on board, he was heavily drunk. He started telling driver he was over speeding. Soon another passenger, a male, also got on board. As we were going another trotro who was also looking for passengers along the Dzodze - Ho stretch came to by pass us.

My driver was like ahhhh! lol. All these passengers were not going to Ho, so the drunkard alighted first as he continues to sing his destination to the mate. Now the second guy alighted and presented GHS 50.00 to the mate. The driver nearly died. Haha! If you know the way I was laughing.
So we have to wait for him to quickly get money from a koko seller near by. And the driver was telling me, some people are not serious oo. Laughing all together.

Off we go and another drunkard again. Oops!. They will enter the vehicle before you can tell. This one wasn't having money to pay the lorry fare. But sat down quietly. Now time for him to alight. He was telling the mate, he will get the money at his destination and pay. Then the driver roared: "If you don't pay, I will drive you to Ho" can you imagine? Ho is very far from where we were at that moment. And how will he get back. He alighted and was playing nonsense, so the driver instructed the mate to remove his pair of shoes and let's go. Still laughing at the way the mate and drunkard were displaying. A woman at the roadside came to his rescue, paid for him and off we go.

The driver managed to by pass the other trotro driver before we reached called Ziope. He was telling I really wanted to reach Ziope before that driver, if not wahala for him. Still laughing.

Got to Ho safely and said bye to the driver and still laughing.

Found my way to Ho Polytechnic and BarCamp Ho started.

Ho to Aflao...

After BarCamp met some old friends who wanted me to spend my night at their place. It was a clash.. Those in Ho Polytechnic and University of Health and Allied Sciences. I wasn't able to tweet in Ho at all since I tweet via SMS. Tigo Ghana's service in Ho and all over the Volta Region is very POOR. I was mad at Tigo.

Spent the night in Ho, Enjoyed free Wi-Fi and blah... blah.. blah.. :-D

Now is Sunday and time to leave home (Aflao) Here the #trotro experience I never had started from.
Getting to Ho main lorry station at 6 PM, I decided to enter the first car available going to Aflao. Things didn't work normally like how you enter a trotro. Trotro always set off before you start paying to the mate. We paid before we set off. Some women were complaining.

After paying already, this driver without a mate took us to a filling station to fill his fuel tank. Instead of him doing that earlier.

Then something happened the guy at the Filling Station was seriously talking on the mobile phone, so with less attention on business the fuel poured on to the ground. The driver want him to give out GHS 2.00 for the fuel on the ground. He disagreed and was saying : "It was the fuel tank of the vehicle that was leaking."

This went on for some minutes, I was only thinking of getting home as early as possible.
Off we go. One the way I learnt something new from the women after three or four policemen signaled the driver to stop.
We were in the vehicle for about 30 minutes drive out of Ho township, then OOH! The car just started slowing down in a manner that you will know something is definitely wrong.
Then Driver: We can't move on, there is something wrong with the engine belt. I was like hey! Then we all started complaining. One of the women said: "It was because the car was not in good form, that was why they were doing things secretly at the station."

Luckily for us it was just a few metres away a Police Barrier and houses were around. I felt very sad for a woman who was actually concerned about how her children are doing back home at that moment.

We were there for about 30 minutes, it was even going to rain and we were all saying if it get serious will just enter the vehicle. The driver talk to one of the drivers back at the station. Soon a vehicle arrived.
We got inside quickly as it started raining and got home safely.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Installed Elemetary OS Luna: Beautiful UI and Great Performance

Elementary OS Luna, a Linux distro based on Ubuntu  with very nice and beautiful UI. Its 'iOS-y' nature is so magnificent. It's the third Linux distro that I have installed in my system. 

Elementary OS logo
Sine it's Ubuntu based I have to do the first thing that is always done by 98% of Ubuntu after a fresh installation, installing Ubuntu-restricted-extras. Painful though. 

After installing Crunchbang I did not go through restricted extras things, most of these codecs are supported out-of-the-box. 

I was playing around, and the wallpaper below really grabbed my attention.

Here is the default wallpaper for Elementary OS Luna 0.2

About my Elementary OS 0.2 Luna
Next I installed my favorite music player (MOC Player) and started rocking some great tunes. Can you see the tracks on the playlist? Ah! Khona is always there. :-D
MOC Player on desktop.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

I've Installed Crunchbang (#!) 11 "Waldorf" Linux too

Crunchbang a light weight debian based Linux distro. I love the boot time, is very quick. I installed Crunchbang 11 recently along side Ubuntu 13.10.

I Was Mad At Tigo Ghana's Network Failure

I use Tigo. Yes I started using Tigo before I even got some "alatsa" phone to but the SIM card into it way back before 2008. I use Tigo for everything from tweeting via SMS  to surfing the web.

Recently Tigo Ghana's network in Aflao has become a great problem you can't talk of. 

It goes off anytime and comes on when it likes. The worst one was for two good days. Whenever I complain the lady(s) will always tell me "There is currently no problem in your area" It pains me like how Rancho's question pained Virus for years. (3 Idiots movie)

Recently, there was another failure, no failures. And is the one that pained me most, I was having 2.7 GB of internet data and left with few days to expire. Due to these failures I wasn't able to use what I used to finish a week, sometimes two weeks. 

I got to twitter and started tweeting @TigoGhana, I even sent Tigo an email about the problem, my disappointment and this blogpost but no reply. In fact my eyes were red. The 2.7 GB data that will be taking for FREE, like FREE BONTO.

But can you imagine going to Ho the Volta Regional capital and the POOR service from Tigo? I was in Ho for BarCamp Ho and Tigo's network wasn't even available on Ho Polytechnic and University of Health Allied Sciences campus?

After the network has been fixed, I called someone, then I received a notification, "Your last call was in SpecailZone" quickly I called the customer care line (always a lady, I don't know why?) to checkout what that actually mean. Our conversation:

(Tigo Customer Care) TCC : Hello, this is blablah of Tigo and how may I help you?

me: Hello, my name is Enock calling from Aflao. I just called someone and received a notification "Your last call was in SpecialZone" and want to know what is about?

TCC: OK. Enock please can I put you on hold and check what the problem is? (She was trying to answer after sometime before this)

Advertisement : Free Bonto!!!, No Wahala, blah blah

TCC: Hello, Enock, Thanks for staying on the line.

me : Welcome.

TCC : Where did you say you are calling from?

me : Aflao

TCC : You know what?

me : No

TCC : There was network problem in your area and that's why Tigo is compensating you.

me: Yeah! I know.

TCC: Please is there any other problem?

me : No.

TCC : Thank you for calling Tigo and have a nice day.

me . Same, Bye.

After ending the call, I said ah! I should have asked the lady, then why do they always tell me "Please there is currently no problem in your area"
Tigo, I know, you know, put things in place for us. And about the 3G coverage too. :(

You are really doing a great job with #GoUnlimited but you need to improve upon services as well.

Smile, I've got Tigo :-)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Twitter Life So Far

Source : technorati
Hello Guys!
Borrowed from Google search
See the handset above, some friends call it my twitter computer. I can do everything related to twitter from this handset all via SMS thanks to Tigo Ghana for being a long time supporter of Twitter SMS. But these days Tigo Ghana is messing up with us in the Volta Region  and I have a blog post for them soon.

I do most of my tweeting via SMS especially during #FiestaDebate, on the road and when am not with a PC.
You might be wondering how actually does this work. Well, am writing this because my days of this handset are numbered. lol ;-). hehe!

Here is how I do things via SMS.

1. Everything I tweet is sent to short code 40404 and it gets pushed to my twitter account. I see it to be faster than normal tweeting sometimes.

2. I receive text notifications whenever am mentioned, some retweet or favorite my tweets, new follower, new DM (Direct Message) and tweets from people whose notifications I have enabled myself. (one of such people is @Abocco, no day without SMS heh!. lol)

3. I can send DM, view people's profile all via SMS. 
        To send a DM here is the syntax:
             m @handle [message]

         say I want to send a DM to @kpogadziboy, with message "Hello Boy" I simply text:
             m @kpogadziboy [Hello Boy]
        to short code 40404

Enjoy ;-)

Friday, 1 November 2013

BarCamp Ho 2013 and The New Style

BarCamp Ho 2013 took place in the Ho Polytechnic SRC JCR on Saturday October 26th 2013.

BarCamp Ho 2013 saw many mentors and barcampers, some of these mentors include Leila Djansi the director of the Sinking Sands movie and others. If you missed BarCamp Ho, then you didn't just missed something but alot you can't imagine.

In this post I will tell you what the "New Style" is. For all the BarCamps I've been to, I've never seen one thing that happened in Ho.

There was speed mentoring as usual. Had my one and only speed mentoring with David Kotei Nikoi which was all about Tourism in Ghana. What Tourism actually mean, how we have not taken full advantage of tourism yet and how we can make it a better one. I really enjoyed this speed mentoring and was willing to go continue since speed mentoring is only 10 minutes interaction.

Then something happened. The "New Style" Speed Mentoring now Breakout or Group Mentoring. I don't know how to even put it ;-). Time was allocated immediately after the one-on-one speed mentoring for this:

So I have to go back to my favorite "Tourism" again and it was great. I've learnt a lot.

Also, I organised a breakout session on putting Ghanaian contents on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. As we know most tertiary students especially those in the universities make good use of Wikipedia but none is ever ready to add to it. Read more about this breakout session on Planning Wikimedia Ghana's blog.

Since BarCamps are networking forums, I can't leave without meeting both new and old folks ;-), never!. The networking even starts before you get to the venue of the event. ;-) Here are some tweets for you:

Not forgetting, I also saw some old and present Ketasco (alma mater) students at BarCamp Ho and was very glad they also learnt a lot and networked. #Dzolali

And finally, what have you about this question:
One of the best answers I've taken seriously:

Hope you gonna make it to the next BarCamp. Follow GhanaThink Foundation for updates.