Friday, 1 November 2013

BarCamp Ho 2013 and The New Style

BarCamp Ho 2013 took place in the Ho Polytechnic SRC JCR on Saturday October 26th 2013.

BarCamp Ho 2013 saw many mentors and barcampers, some of these mentors include Leila Djansi the director of the Sinking Sands movie and others. If you missed BarCamp Ho, then you didn't just missed something but alot you can't imagine.

In this post I will tell you what the "New Style" is. For all the BarCamps I've been to, I've never seen one thing that happened in Ho.

There was speed mentoring as usual. Had my one and only speed mentoring with David Kotei Nikoi which was all about Tourism in Ghana. What Tourism actually mean, how we have not taken full advantage of tourism yet and how we can make it a better one. I really enjoyed this speed mentoring and was willing to go continue since speed mentoring is only 10 minutes interaction.

Then something happened. The "New Style" Speed Mentoring now Breakout or Group Mentoring. I don't know how to even put it ;-). Time was allocated immediately after the one-on-one speed mentoring for this:

So I have to go back to my favorite "Tourism" again and it was great. I've learnt a lot.

Also, I organised a breakout session on putting Ghanaian contents on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. As we know most tertiary students especially those in the universities make good use of Wikipedia but none is ever ready to add to it. Read more about this breakout session on Planning Wikimedia Ghana's blog.

Since BarCamps are networking forums, I can't leave without meeting both new and old folks ;-), never!. The networking even starts before you get to the venue of the event. ;-) Here are some tweets for you:

Not forgetting, I also saw some old and present Ketasco (alma mater) students at BarCamp Ho and was very glad they also learnt a lot and networked. #Dzolali

And finally, what have you about this question:
One of the best answers I've taken seriously:

Hope you gonna make it to the next BarCamp. Follow GhanaThink Foundation for updates.

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