Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Free Wikipedia Access on MTN Ghana #WikipediaZero

Good Afternoon from Ghana lovely people. What is this Wikipedia Zero thing all about?

We all use Wikipedia. I use it everyday and contribute to it. Wait! if you still don't what Wikipedia is then let me help you out :) Below is the Wikipedia logo
Simply put, this is when you access Wikipedia on a telecommunication service provider's network free of charge. You can have 0.00 as your account balance but you still have 24/7 access to the Wikipedia; the free encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to.

MTN Ghana is the first to take this on in Ghana, I hope to see other Ghanaian telcos such as Tigo, Airtel, Vodafone and the rest take it up too, very soon. With Wikipedia Zero you can access Wikipedia from any Browser and the Wikipedia App  (For Android users here.)

It's FREE! Yes and also remember that everything on Wikipedia and its sister sites are all volunteer efforts. YES! Volunteers like you and I contribute to it.

If you're in Ghana and interested then the folks at Wikimedia Ghana User Group (WMGHUG) are always ready help you. This is a unique way to volunteer. Share you knowledge with world. Little is better none OR?

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Image Credit: @MTNGhana
Cheers! Thanks! Merci! Danke! Akpe!

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