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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Are You An SHS Student? Get Mentored For FREE

Are you an SHS (Senior High School) student thinking about what career you would like to pursue? Are you troubled with the course you are currently reading and whether it will lead to your desired career? 

Junior Camp Ghana and Ahaspora Young Professionals, Ghana,  is closing 2013 with a career mentoring and life coaching event dubbed "Changing Mindset, Channeling our future"!!

If you know any SHS student kindly share this event with them and make the end of 2013 awesome in their life. The flyer below says it all. 

Then this event is a must attend for you! All students should register here: OR Call: 0272196393 for more details.

Date: 30 December 2013, 10: 00 AM 

Venue: World Bank (Head Office), Accra 

Rate: FREE(free lunch too)

Merry Christmas, See you there.

Share! Share!! Share!!!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

After #BCAccra - X'mas #VIM Walk to 37 Military Hosp.

After BarCamp Accra, it was time to go home. But Accra and traffic during the festive seasons won't permit some of us to just enter a trotro and get home, So we decided to keep going with our natural trotros. lol!

+Nathaniel ALPHA said we will walk to 37 Military Hospital but we all shouted. Hohooo! Ah! is too far!!. Too far? no it was too near instead.

Then the squad +Felix Nartey+Omane Ossei-Poku+Senam Aseye Bridget +Frank Bruce Seyram and +Enock Seth Nyamador (myself), started walking, come and see walking-discussion.

We were discussing a lot better things oo. One was, if we had trains in Ghana will things be like this?

We also talked about what if Accra was having free Wi-Fi hotspots. It will be good but hey, the Torrents, and others. The Wi-Fi hotspots money can be used for something better and other interesting ones.
I learn't something new also from +Frank Bruce and +Felix Nartey when I asked Felix to show me the Canadian Embassy High Commission in Accra. Thanks guys for that lecture.

Soon we were at the Flagstaff house and the #VIM was growing. Some of the vehicles we saw at The World Bank office were far behind us.
Finally we arrived at 37 Military Hospital Nat and Seyram dropped first, next was Frank, I was still moving with Tema folks (Senam, Felix nad Omane).
Said bye bye to Tema folks too. Am the only one left now. Quickly I found my way out. Before I realized Frank was sitting directly in front of me in the same trotro.

It was awesome, :-)

BarCamp Accra 2013 - More Than Awesome #BCAccra

By now I know my readers know what BarCamps in Ghana are like and some of you had the opportunity to attend, if you still don't know, this this will help you out.

Thanks to +Google Maps and my Google Map Maker boss +Felix Nartey no problem locating the venue this time. I found myself at The World Bank (Head Office) as directed. 

Hehe! The World Bank doesn't share money oo! Like someone was thinking. I love the place 99.9 % I will use the 0.01% for Lotto :-D.

The theme was "Exercising Ethics to Engineer Excellence" and the panel discussion for BarCamp was all about how we can deal with corruption in the Ghanaian community. 

As usual there was Speed mentoring session, which is like speed dating but you learnt via +Kuukuwa Manful

During the speed mentoring session, the rest of us in the conference room led by +Mac-Jordan Degadjor witnessed an awesome game known as "Chinese Whispers" you wanna what it is? Next time make it to nearest BarCamp, Ok? But I will tell you. 

Someone whispers something to you and you also whisper to someone till the last person. The last person will let everyone know what was whispered, afterwards the one who commenced will tell us all the right word. It was fun. The word that started was "Photowalk" but +Donald Ward  changed it to ... guess it.. are you correct? #Tonga. lol!  #tonga did not reach the last person. It was fun. :-). The last person's answers were funny. You just can't laugh. The reaction when someone whispers to you..... lol!

Breakout sessions were organised, was in  +Planning Wikimedia Ghana's Content Creation (Wikipedia) session organised by +Enock Seth Nyamador (myself) and +Felix Nartey. You can read about this session soon on PWMGH's blog.
 I also joined the Creative Writing breakout session led by +Kinna Likimani
BarCamp Ghana: Matching Twitter handles to faces via +Delalorm Semabia. So new and old faces met. I met +Doris Anson-Yevu +Felix Nartey +Sena Quashie +Senam Aseye Bridget +Roger Gaisie +Omane Ossei-Poku +oliver akindes  +nathaniel ALPHA +Akua Akyaa Nkrumah  +Kwabena Akuamoah-Boateng +Edmund Laryea and etc. Hey! wait +Ela Asare  .. just can't complete.

BarCamp Accra Accra ended with the Ghana National Anthem, Yen Ara Ase se ne, and Arise Ghana Youth. You can read a full recap of Barcamp Accra by +Mighty African here . Hope to see you at next BarCamp.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Python African Tour (PAT) Ghana 2013 at iSpace

Python African Tour (PAT) Ghana was a very interesting and mind-opening three days FREE event all about introduction to Python and Django. PAT Ghana 2013 took place at iSpace Foundation, from 22nd - 24th August, 2013.

I am glad I made it to PAT Ghana 2013 all the way from Aflao, in the Volta Region of Ghana. Reaching iSpace was like Wow!

Day 1 - We were introduced to the basics of Python. Building quadratic equation solvers running in the terminal (command line) and others  by Edward Pie (@hackstopie)

Day 2 - More on Python by Kweku Danso.

Day 3 - Introduction to the Django Web Framework by Kweku Danso.


There were other Python enthusiasts around, Emmanuel Okeyere (Chief), Gameli Adzaho, Courage Mabrey, Nehemiah Attigah, Fifi Baidoo and others.

Group image after final day of PAT Ghana 2013. Source: iSpace Foundation
It was a great event, meeting both new and old folks. Thanks to Felix and Elorm I was able to know some attractive places in Osu, it was great. Not forgetting Samuel, Nana Kwame, Nathan @ iSpace, oh and the list continues.

Here is a post about PAT Ghana by iSpace Foundation Making Love To Python at iSpace

If you were at PAT Ghana 2013, kindly give feedback to the organizers, for better events in the future by filling the feedback form here

If you are interested in Python stay connected to Python Ghana via these social media sites for latest updates.
More #VIM

Monday, 25 March 2013


#BlogCamp13 took place at the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre for Excellence in ICT The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence on 23rd March, 2013 from 9am to 6pm. This was my first time of attending BlogCamp since it started in 2012. #BlogCamp13 was organised by BloggingGhana under the theme “Content is King” 

The Journey

Since I stay at Aflao in the Volta Region I woke up as early as 3 am on 23rd March, 2013 so that I can be able to reach Accra as early as possible. I went out and at exactly 3:35 I got into a vehicle. God willing I arrived at Accra few minutes to 7 am.  
Since I've never been to Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre for Excellence in ICT The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence  before, I alighted at 37 and walked to station and took a trotro bus after telling the driver I was going to Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre for Excellence in ICT The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence he concluded immediately that its located somewhere at Teshie or something like that. So I joined the bus happily thinking I will be the first to arrive there. Not knowing I was going to a wrong destination. After getting out of the trotro bus I walked straight towards the entrance hoping am going to see a sign of #BlogCamp13. On reaching the entrance I asked the security personnel whether something of that kind (Blog Camp) was taking place here.After setting my eyes on this inscriptions on the wall " Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC)"   I concluded to myself. I then asked the security to give me the right direction. He also told me where I was going is located close to the new old parliament house. On reaching the old parliament house which is currently used as the office of CHRAJ Ghana. I entered and asked of where I was going, the men I met were also telling me to go to where I was previously, on hearing "Kofi Annan". May be that was the only place most people knew to be called by the name of the former UN Secretary General. Am I getting lost? I asked myself. I quickly called a friend I met on twitter whom I've never seen before @Vilejah. He also gave me a direction which I was not satisfied with. But thanks to him. Well, I called another friend Eldad Nutakor ,who then gave me the right direction. Finally I've arrived at #BlogCamp very early late I thought myself. All the same the program have not started yet. Immediately I went and registered, took the program line-up, went for my tag and bought a #BlogCamp13 T-Shirt.

In the Conference Room



All started well in the conference room with a welcome address from Kajsa Hallberg Adu. Some other things about how Blogging Ghana started. It was good when three free Wi-fi connections were available which everyone was using but my laptop was finding it very difficult to connect to neither of them. So I have decided to use the rest of data I purchased from Vodafone with my USB modem. There was a presentation on Social Media and the law by Nana Yaw Asiedu . Also Ghana's first Internet Freedom Fellow 2013 Mac-JordaN gave a presentation on how things went  on in Geneva.
#233moments was also introduced by Edward Tagoe . Meaning tweets should be sent out by everyone present with the hash tag #233moments at 2:33 pm simply meaning Ghana (+233) moments.
We also witnessed behind the scenes of the Ghana Decides project which covered Ghana's 2012 Elections via Social Media.


As I've learnt from my Senior High School friends "Chodda be man" meaning food is man. It was time for launch when we had a tasty meal with some fruit juice.

Break-Out Sessions

There were break-out sessions on:
  1. Blogging and Social Media 101
  2. Tips and Tricks for bloggers
  3. Social Media for Organisations
I joined the Blogging and Social Media 101 session which was headed by Nana Yaw Sarpong and a Nigerian whose name I've forgotten about in the conference room. This session introduced newbies and people with a little blogging experience to what a blog actually meanand how get the best out of it . A lot was learnt from this session.

Still in the conference room another session began that was Photography headed by Nana Kofi Acquah. This session really opened my mind to what photography is. Photography should really be fun as Nana Kofi Acquah said. 

Back to the Conference room

All break-out sessions were over and everyone have moved back to the conference room for the final part of the day. Something interesting happened here. It came to point that we were all asked to type and tweet some words that will be projected. The conditions for this competition was the first three people  to correctly tweet the sentence will qualify for the final to win a brand new BlackBerry Curve mobile phone from TigoGhana. Come and see fingers at work. The first three people to correctly tweet this were Frank Bruce, Roxanne L. Scott and myself (Enock Seth Nyamador). I was very hot when the final sentence to tweet was projected, in fact I was running out of data so I was praying hard that I tweet this before it gets finished. At the end of every competition there is only one champion and that should have been Roxanne L. Scott but she made a typo mistake, that was "@tigoGhna" instead of "@TigoGhana" so the brand new BlackBerry Curve went to Frank Bruce.

There was a poem from Nana Asaase which I really enjoyed. I will be glad to listen it once more as I write now.
There was also an art and rhyming from "Sony" involving the Ghanaian song "ABC for love, 123 for the story......" and a guy. The guy drawing drew a man and woman upside down. Everyone got to know what he was drawing when the drawing board was turned the other way round.

Social Media Awards

Here comes the time most people were waiting for, the social media wards.
The US Embassador to Ghana gave remarks about the event and also made know to everyone the winner of the Best Blog Award at the end of his remark. Here are the various winners:

Best Blog adventuresfrom
Best Business & Commerce Blog estockanalysisblog
Best Original Content poetrysoundbites
Best Technology Blog techy-africa
Best Photo Blog africaphotographer
Best Creative, Literary Short Stories, Poetry Blog ganyobinaa
Best Showbiz and Entertainment Blog ameyawdebrah
Best Citizen Journalism Blog circumspecte
Best Lifestyle Blog ganyobinaa
Best Organizational Blog accradotalttours
Personality with Best Social Media Presence
Mutombo Percy the Poet @MutomboDaPoet
Best Activist Blog adventuresfrom
Organisation with Best Social Media Presence Vodafone Ghana
Honorary Award for Exemplary Social Media Activism Ghana Decides Project


#BlogCamp13 was sponsored by @TigoGhanaNandimobile, Intel, Samsung,, Born Again, Voltic, Joy FM, Citi FM, The BE BOLD show,, dust, TV Africa, US Embassy Ghana, Hatua Solutions and Nii Odzenma.


Enock and Eldad
Eldad(right) and Enock(myself)


#BlogCamp13 was a great experience I had. Especially meeting new people that I only know on twitter and others. 
If you missed #BlogCamp13 just wait for #BlogCamp14.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

BarCamp Accra 2012 (More Than Expected)

I guess most of you might be thinking of the “Bar” well if you are baffled by the word check out this interesting post by Nutakor Eldad about BarCampHo on skouleye.

Bar Camp is actually a free networking program for the youth organized by the Ghana Think Foundation.

Who is a BarCamper?
BarCamper is simply someone who goes for BarCamps. Contribute and get the best out of the BarCamps and makes it a success.

What Happens at BarCamps?
As a normal routine for BarCamps, there is always a talk from someone(mentor), followed by Speed Mentoring and Breakout sessions.

BarCamp Accra 2012.
BarCamp Accra 2012 took place on Saturday the 22nd day of December, 2012 at the Methodist University College (MDUG), Accra, from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.
The theme for Bar Camp Accra 2012 was “Removing fear of failure as a start of success”
BarCamp Accra 2012 commenced with a talk from Mrs. Ellen M. Hagan Chief Executive of L’AINE SERVICES LIMITED, a leading HR(Human Resource)  Company in Ghana. She also Champions the publishing of the HR Focus Magazine, the first and only Human Resource magazine in Ghana. She has also written two books:  “SOFT SKILLS: What Gives One Jobseeker an Edge over Another” and “ALL ABOUT JOB INTERVIEWS"
HR FOCUS Magazine Cover

Speed Mentoring
As it used to be for all BarCamps organized by The Ghana Think Foundation, Speed Mentoring is the time that most BarCampers I guess can’t wait for. This is the time you have to interact with some mentors of your interest face-a-face. Chat, ask questions and get the right approach to them.
For Bar Camp Accra 2012 some of the mentors present were  Eyra Tawia of Leti Games (IT), Mac-Jordan (Social Media), Ayoko Korsah (Robotics), Farida (Software Engineering), Fred (Fashion), Rodney Quarcoo (Photography)  and others.

I had the chance to talk to three of these mentors; Mac-Jordan, Eyram Tawia and Farida Bedwei.

Eldad with mentor Eyram Tawia during speed mentoring

Success Sessions
Since the theme of Bar Camp Accra 2012 was “Removing the of failure as a start of success”
We had different groups with people who have been able to make it even though they encountered failures on their quest for success. They shared their success stories with us. I was in the Success session for IT which was led Mr. Herman Chinnery-Hesse, Co-founded the SOFTtribe limited, one of the leading software houses in Ghana and West Africa.
We discussed almost everything about the various major programming languages such as C++(C Plus Plus), C#(C Sharp), Python, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Pearl, and the rest I can’t mention.
We also learned about the relationships that must exist between the Boss and the Workers not only in the IT sector. In fact in his case everyone must know some business even if you are a medical officer, software engineer or whatever.
He also added that since we are Human beings we must network(interact) with others, be honest and above all have the "I can do it" attitude. Our Ghanaian culture doesn’t encourage networking especially in terms of the ladies.
In fact we learned a lot from him and he also learned from us since BarCamp is not always learning from others  but vice versa as well.
And one thing that Mr. Herman Chinnery-Hesse  said and I rated it to five stars is “You can influence the Judge in the law court but you can't bribe the Compiler

IT Success session with Mr. Herman of SOFTtribe

Break Out Sessions
After the success sessions we had another Session known as the Break out Session.We had more than five breakout sessions. I was able to join three.But one took most of my time that is the Break out session on Putting Ghanaian and African contents online through wikimedia organized by Planning Wikimedia Ghana. This Break out session educated us on how to put Ghanaian articles about our culture and others for worldwide consumption and to make research easy for others. We were briefed by Sandister Tei and Co.
So when you contribute to Wikimedia then you become a ‘Wikimedian’. Some members of this breakout session were Royal Senam AseyeKobe Subramaniam, Dieu-Donné Gamel , Felix Nartey  and others.

Various Breakout Sessions
Chop Time No Friend
You know that the master guy of the human digestive system is food. So for lunch everyone had a nice “Wakyee” from “Auntie Munie” which arrived very early using the back door. And I enjoyed it.
BarCamp Accra 2012 ended with two patriotic songs one sang in more than five languages they were “God Bless Our Home Land Ghana” “Yen Ara asa se ni” “Miadenyigba lonlonla” led  by @gamelmag @Enock4seth @Abocco the rest I can’t tell now and “Arise Ghana Youth for Your  Country”.

Enock and Gameli. Singing Miadenyigba lonlonla
Finally I will to encourage you to be on your guards for the next BarCamp in town don’t miss it.