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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Mother And Son Murdered At Laklivikope

NB: This post contains images of dead persons, viewer discretion is advised.
Source: Dan's Facebook Timeline

Laklivikope is a small village between Denu - Tokor and Agbozume (before Akame) on the Aflao - Accra (N1) highway.
Image from OSM

On November 22, 2013, as early as 7 AM the news was all over town and the airwaves. I heard it first on Light FM, when an eye witness was describing the scene via phone.

I was shocked, because it was recently that an issue about a fetish priest in that area killing his wife for rituals also stormed the airwaves. [I might talk about this more in the future]

This as well was all over the radio stations, Victory FM, Light FM, Holy FM and Abaac FM. They tried their maximum best to make the people of Ketu South and beyond know what actually happened.

This happening is currently in the hands of the police and I know they are investigating.

My Take

Sometimes I wonder how some peoples heart are. From the image (which was sold) I see a knife without with handle stuck into the mother's sex organ. This is a very sinful act I don't know even how to describe it. But we leave all in the hands of God.  I pray a very good conclusion comes up from the police's investigation.
Thanks for passing by and pray God save us all.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

I Was Mad At Tigo Ghana's Network Failure

I use Tigo. Yes I started using Tigo before I even got some "alatsa" phone to but the SIM card into it way back before 2008. I use Tigo for everything from tweeting via SMS  to surfing the web.

Recently Tigo Ghana's network in Aflao has become a great problem you can't talk of. 

It goes off anytime and comes on when it likes. The worst one was for two good days. Whenever I complain the lady(s) will always tell me "There is currently no problem in your area" It pains me like how Rancho's question pained Virus for years. (3 Idiots movie)

Recently, there was another failure, no failures. And is the one that pained me most, I was having 2.7 GB of internet data and left with few days to expire. Due to these failures I wasn't able to use what I used to finish a week, sometimes two weeks. 

I got to twitter and started tweeting @TigoGhana, I even sent Tigo an email about the problem, my disappointment and this blogpost but no reply. In fact my eyes were red. The 2.7 GB data that will be taking for FREE, like FREE BONTO.

But can you imagine going to Ho the Volta Regional capital and the POOR service from Tigo? I was in Ho for BarCamp Ho and Tigo's network wasn't even available on Ho Polytechnic and University of Health Allied Sciences campus?

After the network has been fixed, I called someone, then I received a notification, "Your last call was in SpecailZone" quickly I called the customer care line (always a lady, I don't know why?) to checkout what that actually mean. Our conversation:

(Tigo Customer Care) TCC : Hello, this is blablah of Tigo and how may I help you?

me: Hello, my name is Enock calling from Aflao. I just called someone and received a notification "Your last call was in SpecialZone" and want to know what is about?

TCC: OK. Enock please can I put you on hold and check what the problem is? (She was trying to answer after sometime before this)

Advertisement : Free Bonto!!!, No Wahala, blah blah

TCC: Hello, Enock, Thanks for staying on the line.

me : Welcome.

TCC : Where did you say you are calling from?

me : Aflao

TCC : You know what?

me : No

TCC : There was network problem in your area and that's why Tigo is compensating you.

me: Yeah! I know.

TCC: Please is there any other problem?

me : No.

TCC : Thank you for calling Tigo and have a nice day.

me . Same, Bye.

After ending the call, I said ah! I should have asked the lady, then why do they always tell me "Please there is currently no problem in your area"
Tigo, I know, you know, put things in place for us. And about the 3G coverage too. :(

You are really doing a great job with #GoUnlimited but you need to improve upon services as well.

Smile, I've got Tigo :-)

Monday, 24 June 2013

Javard 2013 students after their BECE

source Wikipedia
The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) organised by the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) in Ghana is the only legal external exam that guarantees your access to Senior High Schools education in Ghana, this year's BECE started on Monday 17th June to Monday 24th June.

I was privileged to have taught some of these students from Javard International School (my Alma mater) at Denu-Amedenuta in the Ketu South Municipal District of the Volta Region.

When the examination started I was not able to visit the center during the the first week because academic works were still in progress, therefore the proprietor Mr. Joseph Amuzu insisted subject teachers and the Headmaster Mr. Newlove Kpogo are the only people allowed to go on the respective days of their subjects.

Since I teach ICT and it is on Monday 24th June which is also the final day, I was just waiting patiently to seeing it. Which will even make this blog post richer in terms of pictures and how the students will react after their final paper on that day.
So I decided to write the above of this blog post earlier before Monday. And wait some pictures to make it look good as you can see the students reaction below. :)


Rita, Cynthia, Fati, Perpetual and Rejoice (behind)
Clement, Peace, Selasi, Obedience and Jilchrist (behind)
Bertha and Peace hugging 
Lily, Cynthia, Leticia and Emilia
Thelma, Rita, Fati, Mr. Bukari,  Perpetual and Maxwell (behind)
Obedience and Gift (Nigerians)
Mr. Bukari and Clement
Dairy, Seth and Joseph

Martina with a smile there :)
Jilchrist and Obedience
Precious with all his things leaving school campus
Believe with her table and chair going home
Lily, Cynthia and Emilia.
Myself and Lily

It was nice meeting all these boys and girls, will miss them a lot especially those who like disturbing me because of my 'smallish' nature :). Oh! where is Abigail? :(

I wished them all flying colors in all their papers and advised them to take their time of stay in the house to learn about how to use to computer effectively especially the girls.

Also told them to contact me when they need any help in terms of knowing anything about the computer.

Wishing them all the BEST once again. More VIM!!!!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Nature of Aflao's Road

Today I have decided to take a stroll along the Aflao road. This road stretches from Denu junction to the main border between Ghana and Togo. This is the main road that links Ghana to the capital city of Togo,Lomé.
This road has been left in a very bad condition for the previous years resulting in serious air pollution in the community due to it's dusty nature.

Aflao road
The images above and below shows the nature of the bigger portion of the road leading to the Aflao border.  
Aflao road

This road should have been constructed long time ago, but due to the uncertainty of the people of Aflao to whether a dual carriage or single lane should be constructed. This uncertainty has led to a lot of problems which I will be posting in a blog post soon. 

Currently, the road is in construction but haven't reached anywhere yet. 

Aflao road
 Work on some parts of the road.

 Aflao road

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Is This Independence? #Ghana56

God Bless my Homeland Ghana forever. Today my beloved country marks her 56th Anniversary after she has gained Independence from her colonial masters on 6th March, 1957. This day as I know is celebrated with beautiful march pass by both students and mostly everyone. This day considered as the birthday of Ghana, is celebrated to the satisfaction to most people, both young and old.

I know most people will surely disagree with me when I say the celebration of 6th March should be changed to something beneficial to the students and people involved other than march pass.

Why am I saying this? Long ago before I was born, this day has been celebrated to commemorate those patriotic Ghanaians who fought for the independence our nation for their bravery.
What prompted me to write this blog post is simply about the way this great day (6th March) is been celebrated in the some areas. Looking at what I have seen today in community (Viepe a town in the Ketu South Municipality) I have decided to share this with you.

Excuse me to say some of our leaders in the rural areas will never be satisfied with what they have. How much is it that they can’t afford to provide canopies for the students. But they have provided for themselves.
Meanwhile some of them were not there to march, they stayed under a canopy and will surely leave and have a very heavy refreshment leaving the students who have used their energies to march with something you can’t even talk of.

Where in this Nation will you be given a locally manufactured drink which is no longer valued by most people, a biscuit and a sachet of water each to these students after marching? If it's done somewhere else in this way then something needs to be done.

In fact I was totally angry and have drawn a conclusion to myself that, if these things are not taken seriously and seen to as early as possible, our independence is not yet complete. Meaning we are still slaves to ourselves.

I also wish to thank all those who are trying all their best to make Ghana a better place. Thank you all.

Happy Independence Day celebration. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

FIRE HITS LOMÉ (Grande Marché)

Firefighters doing their best. | Source
On Saturday 12th of January, 2013, at 3 am a serious fire struck the Grande Marché de Lomé (Big Market of Lomé) which is just a few kilometers from the Aflao's main border.

Viewers at the scene | Source
On Monday 14th January, 2013, on Victory FM's super morning show hosted by Israel Pentem,
The Municipal Chief Executive (M.C.E) of Ketu South Municipal, Hon. Bernard Frank Amarble confirmed that firefighters were requested from Ghana to help calm the situation through a phone call from Ghana's Ambassador in Togo.
Four fire trucks were sent to the scene, two from Denu first, and another two from Keta and Akatsi to assist.


Monday, 31 December 2012

Mysteries of New Year's Eve

Source: Google
Have you ever wondered what others think-of when the calendar says 31st December?
By the way, what runs through your mind when you wake up to a fine 31st December morning?
I feel deep down my soul that am going to account for the year I have just gone through and will have to book new appointments with the next year.

It’s quite interesting that 99% of living things don’t lay their heads down from 10PM to Mid Night on New Year's Eve.
Just this morning I have noticed certain things others think of when it comes to 31st December  which I would like to share with you.

I have been able to note just three interesting things that people think of when it comes to New Year’s Eve (31st December). Here they are:
  1. Whatever you do and crossover into the New Year with, has to continue with you in the New Year. For Example when you were on your beautiful bed before the New Year knocked at your door it means you have to continue the whole of that New Year in bed. 
  2. At exactly twelve midnight an arc angel on a flying horse in flame flashes in the atmosphere.
  3. There is a loud crushing sound when it is exactly a second past twelve midnight. Indicating that the earth has successfully returned into its socket.
I guess someone might be thinking where I got all this stuffs from.
Isn’t all these awesome?
Hope you will not be watching out for some of these things but if you do and it’s true let me know.
Watch out for more interesting and educational posts come 2013.

Source: Google
 Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013.