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Monday, 24 June 2013

Javard 2013 students after their BECE

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The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) organised by the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) in Ghana is the only legal external exam that guarantees your access to Senior High Schools education in Ghana, this year's BECE started on Monday 17th June to Monday 24th June.

I was privileged to have taught some of these students from Javard International School (my Alma mater) at Denu-Amedenuta in the Ketu South Municipal District of the Volta Region.

When the examination started I was not able to visit the center during the the first week because academic works were still in progress, therefore the proprietor Mr. Joseph Amuzu insisted subject teachers and the Headmaster Mr. Newlove Kpogo are the only people allowed to go on the respective days of their subjects.

Since I teach ICT and it is on Monday 24th June which is also the final day, I was just waiting patiently to seeing it. Which will even make this blog post richer in terms of pictures and how the students will react after their final paper on that day.
So I decided to write the above of this blog post earlier before Monday. And wait some pictures to make it look good as you can see the students reaction below. :)


Rita, Cynthia, Fati, Perpetual and Rejoice (behind)
Clement, Peace, Selasi, Obedience and Jilchrist (behind)
Bertha and Peace hugging 
Lily, Cynthia, Leticia and Emilia
Thelma, Rita, Fati, Mr. Bukari,  Perpetual and Maxwell (behind)
Obedience and Gift (Nigerians)
Mr. Bukari and Clement
Dairy, Seth and Joseph

Martina with a smile there :)
Jilchrist and Obedience
Precious with all his things leaving school campus
Believe with her table and chair going home
Lily, Cynthia and Emilia.
Myself and Lily

It was nice meeting all these boys and girls, will miss them a lot especially those who like disturbing me because of my 'smallish' nature :). Oh! where is Abigail? :(

I wished them all flying colors in all their papers and advised them to take their time of stay in the house to learn about how to use to computer effectively especially the girls.

Also told them to contact me when they need any help in terms of knowing anything about the computer.

Wishing them all the BEST once again. More VIM!!!!