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Sunday, 13 October 2013

I've learnt from my previous decisions

Borrowed from Facebook
The image above proved me wrong and made my day. I was thinking "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose"

Sometimes we make decisions which we later regret. I have made a number of them too. Some I have agreed to and within few days or hours again said I disagree or rejected.

There is this saying that "think twice before you do or say something". But I now see clearly that the TWICE doesn't mean just two times. It means a lot.

Why am I even writing this? At the time of writing this I wasn't happy and feeling well (comfortable) and I think I have to make myself comfortable by writing this.

The reason for writing this post is just to share how I felt for hours, days and even weeks after making certain decisions which I later said NO.

When you and someone decide on something and one of  you later reject or disagree with what you have agreed on earlier, how do you the one who still wants that to take place feel? (Kindly feel free to leave a tip on how you felt at a point like this to help someone.)

Not only does the one who is still in agreement feels bad. But the one disagreeing also feels it too. Sometimes it's hard to say but you just need to.

What I will like to say here is that if you are like me or have gone through something like this. You feel the connection between you and that person have ended for life. But it shouldn't be so. It's because of a reason and you and I must learn from it.

I will like to use this opportunity to say sorry to anyone I have once said YES to but later said NO. I have learnt from it.

Thanks for passing by, enjoy your day and always be happy.