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Saturday, 28 September 2013

I am a Google search geek, says the stats

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It has been a long time posted something here. But am back to share with you once again.

Who doesn't know about Google? When someone knows about Yahoo, Facebook, that person certainly knows about Google OR I will say there is no one who uses the internet and doesn't know about Google. By the way if you don't know what Google is, here you are.

Am really a great fun of Google even though am not affiliated to it in any way. :)

Now back to why I wrote this post.

I use Google search everyday. Why? Want to know? Ok. I use it mostly for getting references for Wikipedia articles. Surprised? How and Why Wikipedia?
Just a take few minutes please, and read this article about Planning Wikimedia Ghana.

Welcome back if you read about Planning Wikimedia Ghana and I know you love it. Looking forward to seeing you become a Wikipedian now.

I use Google search for my personal research stuffs. Also I do that for friends or those who want me to, after they have tried to make Google vomit whatever they were looking for but can't. If you are that type who searches and Google gives you nonsense. No it's not nonsense that is what you requested,  keep an eye on this blog. I have a post about how to make Google vomit what you're looking for, even Google's intestines will come out. lol! (Trying to say Google search tips and tricks)

Is been a very long time I checked my Google search stats. This morning I was looking for something I searched yesterday in the night but can't find it in the browser's history. So I have to check my Google search history, which I know will surely rescue me.

I was really surprised when the stats page was telling me am a Google search geek. :).

Here are the stats:

Hourly search
Highest search recorded at 8 PM.

Daily search
Highest search recorded on Thursday.

Monthly searches
August is leading.

Searches in August, 2013

Do you want to keep track of your searches on Google? If YES, make sure you Sign in to Google before you search.

To see your stats, click here.

Friday, 6 September 2013

10 Must Know Google Search Tips

Every second, minute, hour, day month and year. We are on the quest for information everywhere, be it on the internet or in that beautiful and comfortable library in your school or community.

It feels boring when you can't reach out to what you were actually looking for. It all depends on your search approach.

Searching for something on Google without giving it (Google) the right assignment is like you are looking for the full history of the Second World War in a Primary Three 3 English reader.

I use Google everyday as you do too. My Google search stats says I search like a geek. This will continue make me love Google more.

Almost everyone uses Google the same way I do. But not all of us know the best ways to get quality results using Google search. Here are some tips involved in searching Google like a geek :)

1. Calculations: Google has an embed scientific calculator which can be used to perform a lot of operations.When using the internet you don't need to get a physical calculator to get your calculations done. To access this calculator. Just input a mathematical statement into the search box.
Example: 24/5, Cos(15), sqrt(16), etc

2. Definitions: To get the definition of a word. Just type define followed by the word.
Example: define internet

3. Time: To know the current time in any country or city around the globe. Simply type  time: name of country or city.
Example: time Ghana

4. Specific phrase or sentence: To search for a specific phrase or sentence, it goes by double quoting the "Phrase or Sentence" This then gives you results of pages with this keyword.
Example: "Wikimedia Ghana"

5. Searching a specific website: Search your favorite websites better and faster using Google search with this syntax. keyword site:url
Example: ubuntu

6. Exclude specific keywords: To exclude something from search, use the minus (-) operator. The example below searches for all Africa countries excluding only Ghana. You can minus more keywords.
Example: Africa countries -Ghana

7. Search file types: If you are looking for a specific file type, say a PDF file about photography, simply use the syntax: keyword file extension. 
Example: photography pdf

8. Similar searches: Adding tilde (~) before a keyword gives you similar results. Meaning all search results either have the keyword in their url or body.
Example: ~water

9. Exclude specific sites: Google can avoid indexing certain sites if you don't want it to. To excludes a specific site use the exclude symbol ( minus or hyphen (-) ) before site. That is keyword -site:url. The example searches for Ghana but excludes results from Wikipedia.
Example: Ghana

10. Unit conversion: Make simple unit conversions using the word convert and units.
Example: convert 1 km to m
Now, I know you are going to make the best out of your Google searches.