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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ghana is 57! Happy Independence Day! #Ghana57

Borrowed from Google Ghana
Waking up around 4 am today (6th March, 2014) it started raining heavily with thunderclaps and lightening all over.
Immediately I said to myself:

Even nature knows......

The rains didn't spare the Black Star Square in Accra as well:
At 7 AM I saw my brothers seriously getting ready for the independence day parade in my community. While it was still raining, I'd no choice to send one of them to their school campus under my umbrella.

I didn't make it to any of these gatherings today. And am trying to believe what I saw last year didn't happen.

On my way to Ho today I saw many students along as usual.

But one thing: Does Independence Day celebration only means march pass by students, security personnel and others?

Some Facebook posts I liked:

Happy Independence Day!! Let's make Mother Ghana proud.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Is This Independence? #Ghana56

God Bless my Homeland Ghana forever. Today my beloved country marks her 56th Anniversary after she has gained Independence from her colonial masters on 6th March, 1957. This day as I know is celebrated with beautiful march pass by both students and mostly everyone. This day considered as the birthday of Ghana, is celebrated to the satisfaction to most people, both young and old.

I know most people will surely disagree with me when I say the celebration of 6th March should be changed to something beneficial to the students and people involved other than march pass.

Why am I saying this? Long ago before I was born, this day has been celebrated to commemorate those patriotic Ghanaians who fought for the independence our nation for their bravery.
What prompted me to write this blog post is simply about the way this great day (6th March) is been celebrated in the some areas. Looking at what I have seen today in community (Viepe a town in the Ketu South Municipality) I have decided to share this with you.

Excuse me to say some of our leaders in the rural areas will never be satisfied with what they have. How much is it that they can’t afford to provide canopies for the students. But they have provided for themselves.
Meanwhile some of them were not there to march, they stayed under a canopy and will surely leave and have a very heavy refreshment leaving the students who have used their energies to march with something you can’t even talk of.

Where in this Nation will you be given a locally manufactured drink which is no longer valued by most people, a biscuit and a sachet of water each to these students after marching? If it's done somewhere else in this way then something needs to be done.

In fact I was totally angry and have drawn a conclusion to myself that, if these things are not taken seriously and seen to as early as possible, our independence is not yet complete. Meaning we are still slaves to ourselves.

I also wish to thank all those who are trying all their best to make Ghana a better place. Thank you all.

Happy Independence Day celebration.