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Friday, 3 May 2013

BarCamp Kasoa 2013

Source: Barcamp Kasoa Facebook page
I was at BarCamp Kasoa 2013 on Saturday 27th April, 2013 at the ICGC Transformation Temple in Kasoa. Although that was my first time of going to Kasoa I got a very simple direction from Elorm Billy-Awittor. I experienced some jerky traffic jam on the way. I thought it was going to be serious as people used to say about the Kasoa road. I spend about some few minutes in the traffic jam. Finally alighted at the last stop since I took a trotro. Looked for the traffic light to my right, took a taxi and told the driver immediately that I will be alighting at the MTN office as directed. Within 10 minutes I found my way to ICGC Transformation Temple. The theme for BarCamp Kasoa 2013 was "Making an enterprising environment for an emerging market".

All started as it used to be at BarCamps I've attended previously,  I had two speed mentoring sessions, first  with Emmanuel Okeyere of Hatua Solutions and Hutspace, where I learnt more about some programming languages and the way they are growing in the global village.
 then with Dr. Naa Mills, Medical Superintendent of Kasoa Polyclinic, where I learnt more about the risks associated with skipping breakfast. If you are used to skipping breakfast like I've been doing you better stop because it's so dangerous. I also learnt about self discipline, this is relating things we do. We all know that we have to do some physical exercise but we lack the discipline to wake up at dawn and have some jogging.

After the speed mentoring comes the panel of discussion involving Mr. Jerry Smith, Mrs. Heleen Hagan,  Dr. Naa Asunkwa Mills (Medical Superintendent of Kasoa Polyclinic,)  and Adams Nuhu (MCE, Kasoa Awutu Senya East Municipal). A lot was said about the development and way forward for Kasoa.

It was time for lunch and had some "waakye", while lunch was in progress there was a presentation from Daniel Arthur-Baidoo about how he turned what is commonly known in Ghana as "pure water"  sachets into a centre table and the image of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. You can visit his blog for more about his works.

Picture by  Komla the Ɔdadeɛ

Picture by Philip Adzanoukpe
Breakout sessions: there were five breakout sessions at Barcamp Kasoa 2013,

But I only joined one which which was led by Sandister Tei and Myself.

Which was about getting Ghanaian contents on Wikipedia, the Kasoa article on Wikipedia was also edited during the session. We had two elderly persons from the community whose presence counted in editing the article. Some other members of this session were Walter E. ADAMAHAto Ulzen-Appiah and  Barima Kwadwo Berchie Achamfour.
You can visit Planning Wikimedia Ghana's Meta page, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Let's help provide more Ghanaian contents on Wikipedia.

BarCamp Kasoa 2013 got interesting when Lawrencia introduced a game.

The rules of the game were, to survive you must have three different candies, while everyone was given two candies of the same type but in all there were three different brands of candies.  I gave out mine since everyone can't survive. If you were there how will you survive?

BarCamp Kasoa ended with the Ghana National Anthem. You can read more about BarCamp Kasoa by searching for #BCKasoa on Twitter

Had much fun on my way back with Walter E. ADAMAH and Sandister Tei.