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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Mother And Son Murdered At Laklivikope

NB: This post contains images of dead persons, viewer discretion is advised.
Source: Dan's Facebook Timeline

Laklivikope is a small village between Denu - Tokor and Agbozume (before Akame) on the Aflao - Accra (N1) highway.
Image from OSM

On November 22, 2013, as early as 7 AM the news was all over town and the airwaves. I heard it first on Light FM, when an eye witness was describing the scene via phone.

I was shocked, because it was recently that an issue about a fetish priest in that area killing his wife for rituals also stormed the airwaves. [I might talk about this more in the future]

This as well was all over the radio stations, Victory FM, Light FM, Holy FM and Abaac FM. They tried their maximum best to make the people of Ketu South and beyond know what actually happened.

This happening is currently in the hands of the police and I know they are investigating.

My Take

Sometimes I wonder how some peoples heart are. From the image (which was sold) I see a knife without with handle stuck into the mother's sex organ. This is a very sinful act I don't know even how to describe it. But we leave all in the hands of God.  I pray a very good conclusion comes up from the police's investigation.
Thanks for passing by and pray God save us all.