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Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Twitter Life So Far

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Hello Guys!
Borrowed from Google search
See the handset above, some friends call it my twitter computer. I can do everything related to twitter from this handset all via SMS thanks to Tigo Ghana for being a long time supporter of Twitter SMS. But these days Tigo Ghana is messing up with us in the Volta Region  and I have a blog post for them soon.

I do most of my tweeting via SMS especially during #FiestaDebate, on the road and when am not with a PC.
You might be wondering how actually does this work. Well, am writing this because my days of this handset are numbered. lol ;-). hehe!

Here is how I do things via SMS.

1. Everything I tweet is sent to short code 40404 and it gets pushed to my twitter account. I see it to be faster than normal tweeting sometimes.

2. I receive text notifications whenever am mentioned, some retweet or favorite my tweets, new follower, new DM (Direct Message) and tweets from people whose notifications I have enabled myself. (one of such people is @Abocco, no day without SMS heh!. lol)

3. I can send DM, view people's profile all via SMS. 
        To send a DM here is the syntax:
             m @handle [message]

         say I want to send a DM to @kpogadziboy, with message "Hello Boy" I simply text:
             m @kpogadziboy [Hello Boy]
        to short code 40404

Enjoy ;-)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

How to create a Facebook page

After creating a Facebook page for my blog today , I've been receiving a series a request from friends and others about how to create a Facebook page. So I've decided to put it into a blog post and share it.

Here are the steps involved in creating a Facebook page, is very easy and it won't take you more than 20 minutes.

  • First Log in to your Facebook account

  • After logging in Click Create Page at the end of your Facebook homepage.

  • Choose from one of the categories.

  • Select the one that falls under the page you wish to create

  • Input page name and click Get Started
  • Add description to the page.

  • Upload page image

  • You can skip this step if you wish. (Manage ads)

Your page is ready. Changing of page image, description and other things are just similar to the way you change your personal Facebook profile details.

I hope this helped and thanks for reading.

You can click here for more on how to create a Facebook page.