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Saturday, 9 November 2013

I Was Mad At Tigo Ghana's Network Failure

I use Tigo. Yes I started using Tigo before I even got some "alatsa" phone to but the SIM card into it way back before 2008. I use Tigo for everything from tweeting via SMS  to surfing the web.

Recently Tigo Ghana's network in Aflao has become a great problem you can't talk of. 

It goes off anytime and comes on when it likes. The worst one was for two good days. Whenever I complain the lady(s) will always tell me "There is currently no problem in your area" It pains me like how Rancho's question pained Virus for years. (3 Idiots movie)

Recently, there was another failure, no failures. And is the one that pained me most, I was having 2.7 GB of internet data and left with few days to expire. Due to these failures I wasn't able to use what I used to finish a week, sometimes two weeks. 

I got to twitter and started tweeting @TigoGhana, I even sent Tigo an email about the problem, my disappointment and this blogpost but no reply. In fact my eyes were red. The 2.7 GB data that will be taking for FREE, like FREE BONTO.

But can you imagine going to Ho the Volta Regional capital and the POOR service from Tigo? I was in Ho for BarCamp Ho and Tigo's network wasn't even available on Ho Polytechnic and University of Health Allied Sciences campus?

After the network has been fixed, I called someone, then I received a notification, "Your last call was in SpecailZone" quickly I called the customer care line (always a lady, I don't know why?) to checkout what that actually mean. Our conversation:

(Tigo Customer Care) TCC : Hello, this is blablah of Tigo and how may I help you?

me: Hello, my name is Enock calling from Aflao. I just called someone and received a notification "Your last call was in SpecialZone" and want to know what is about?

TCC: OK. Enock please can I put you on hold and check what the problem is? (She was trying to answer after sometime before this)

Advertisement : Free Bonto!!!, No Wahala, blah blah

TCC: Hello, Enock, Thanks for staying on the line.

me : Welcome.

TCC : Where did you say you are calling from?

me : Aflao

TCC : You know what?

me : No

TCC : There was network problem in your area and that's why Tigo is compensating you.

me: Yeah! I know.

TCC: Please is there any other problem?

me : No.

TCC : Thank you for calling Tigo and have a nice day.

me . Same, Bye.

After ending the call, I said ah! I should have asked the lady, then why do they always tell me "Please there is currently no problem in your area"
Tigo, I know, you know, put things in place for us. And about the 3G coverage too. :(

You are really doing a great job with #GoUnlimited but you need to improve upon services as well.

Smile, I've got Tigo :-)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Twitter Life So Far

Source : technorati
Hello Guys!
Borrowed from Google search
See the handset above, some friends call it my twitter computer. I can do everything related to twitter from this handset all via SMS thanks to Tigo Ghana for being a long time supporter of Twitter SMS. But these days Tigo Ghana is messing up with us in the Volta Region  and I have a blog post for them soon.

I do most of my tweeting via SMS especially during #FiestaDebate, on the road and when am not with a PC.
You might be wondering how actually does this work. Well, am writing this because my days of this handset are numbered. lol ;-). hehe!

Here is how I do things via SMS.

1. Everything I tweet is sent to short code 40404 and it gets pushed to my twitter account. I see it to be faster than normal tweeting sometimes.

2. I receive text notifications whenever am mentioned, some retweet or favorite my tweets, new follower, new DM (Direct Message) and tweets from people whose notifications I have enabled myself. (one of such people is @Abocco, no day without SMS heh!. lol)

3. I can send DM, view people's profile all via SMS. 
        To send a DM here is the syntax:
             m @handle [message]

         say I want to send a DM to @kpogadziboy, with message "Hello Boy" I simply text:
             m @kpogadziboy [Hello Boy]
        to short code 40404

Enjoy ;-)