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Friday, 6 September 2013

10 Must Know Google Search Tips

Every second, minute, hour, day month and year. We are on the quest for information everywhere, be it on the internet or in that beautiful and comfortable library in your school or community.

It feels boring when you can't reach out to what you were actually looking for. It all depends on your search approach.

Searching for something on Google without giving it (Google) the right assignment is like you are looking for the full history of the Second World War in a Primary Three 3 English reader.

I use Google everyday as you do too. My Google search stats says I search like a geek. This will continue make me love Google more.

Almost everyone uses Google the same way I do. But not all of us know the best ways to get quality results using Google search. Here are some tips involved in searching Google like a geek :)

1. Calculations: Google has an embed scientific calculator which can be used to perform a lot of operations.When using the internet you don't need to get a physical calculator to get your calculations done. To access this calculator. Just input a mathematical statement into the search box.
Example: 24/5, Cos(15), sqrt(16), etc

2. Definitions: To get the definition of a word. Just type define followed by the word.
Example: define internet

3. Time: To know the current time in any country or city around the globe. Simply type  time: name of country or city.
Example: time Ghana

4. Specific phrase or sentence: To search for a specific phrase or sentence, it goes by double quoting the "Phrase or Sentence" This then gives you results of pages with this keyword.
Example: "Wikimedia Ghana"

5. Searching a specific website: Search your favorite websites better and faster using Google search with this syntax. keyword site:url
Example: ubuntu

6. Exclude specific keywords: To exclude something from search, use the minus (-) operator. The example below searches for all Africa countries excluding only Ghana. You can minus more keywords.
Example: Africa countries -Ghana

7. Search file types: If you are looking for a specific file type, say a PDF file about photography, simply use the syntax: keyword file extension. 
Example: photography pdf

8. Similar searches: Adding tilde (~) before a keyword gives you similar results. Meaning all search results either have the keyword in their url or body.
Example: ~water

9. Exclude specific sites: Google can avoid indexing certain sites if you don't want it to. To excludes a specific site use the exclude symbol ( minus or hyphen (-) ) before site. That is keyword -site:url. The example searches for Ghana but excludes results from Wikipedia.
Example: Ghana

10. Unit conversion: Make simple unit conversions using the word convert and units.
Example: convert 1 km to m
Now, I know you are going to make the best out of your Google searches.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

How to create a Facebook page

After creating a Facebook page for my blog today , I've been receiving a series a request from friends and others about how to create a Facebook page. So I've decided to put it into a blog post and share it.

Here are the steps involved in creating a Facebook page, is very easy and it won't take you more than 20 minutes.

  • First Log in to your Facebook account

  • After logging in Click Create Page at the end of your Facebook homepage.

  • Choose from one of the categories.

  • Select the one that falls under the page you wish to create

  • Input page name and click Get Started
  • Add description to the page.

  • Upload page image

  • You can skip this step if you wish. (Manage ads)

Your page is ready. Changing of page image, description and other things are just similar to the way you change your personal Facebook profile details.

I hope this helped and thanks for reading.

You can click here for more on how to create a Facebook page.