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Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Twitter Life So Far

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Hello Guys!
Borrowed from Google search
See the handset above, some friends call it my twitter computer. I can do everything related to twitter from this handset all via SMS thanks to Tigo Ghana for being a long time supporter of Twitter SMS. But these days Tigo Ghana is messing up with us in the Volta Region  and I have a blog post for them soon.

I do most of my tweeting via SMS especially during #FiestaDebate, on the road and when am not with a PC.
You might be wondering how actually does this work. Well, am writing this because my days of this handset are numbered. lol ;-). hehe!

Here is how I do things via SMS.

1. Everything I tweet is sent to short code 40404 and it gets pushed to my twitter account. I see it to be faster than normal tweeting sometimes.

2. I receive text notifications whenever am mentioned, some retweet or favorite my tweets, new follower, new DM (Direct Message) and tweets from people whose notifications I have enabled myself. (one of such people is @Abocco, no day without SMS heh!. lol)

3. I can send DM, view people's profile all via SMS. 
        To send a DM here is the syntax:
             m @handle [message]

         say I want to send a DM to @kpogadziboy, with message "Hello Boy" I simply text:
             m @kpogadziboy [Hello Boy]
        to short code 40404

Enjoy ;-)