Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Liebster Award....

Liebster Award, what is this all about. I've never heard or seen it before as you are also doing now. This post have actually slept for too long in my drafts, but want it to stay in 2013. :-)

Well something little before I continue. I have decided to name this blog post Liebster Award.... with four dots or full stops because is a plus from +Missy May (post) who nominated my blog. Her title ends with three dots. :-D.

The Liebster Award

Ok.  From my research the word Liebster has German origin meaning dearest, says Google Translate.

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Blogging is about building a community and it's a great way to connect with other bloggers and help spread the word about newer bloggers/blogs.

What Are The Rules

Answer 11 random questions from the Blogger that nominated you.
Nominate 11 new blogs (with less than 200 followers) and have eleven questions for them to answer

Questions For Me

1. What inspired you to start a blog?
ANS: Social Networking and sharing whatever I learn.

2. Have you been nicknamed by friends/families since you started blogging?
ANS: Yes.

3. Describe your style in one word.
ANS: Funny? * just know what to say here. :(

4. How has blogging influenced your life?
ANS: A lot, learn to express myself freely.

5. What is your blog about?
ANS: My community,  my self and everything. 

6. Why should people follow your blog?
ANS: Just to learn from me and I also learn from them.

7. Do you've a favorite blogger? Yes or No -and why?
ANS: Yes, I love his style. He just blog like nobody's business.

8. How long have you been blogging?
ANS: 1 year.

9. What do you enjoy about blogging?
ANS: Expressing myself.

10. Are you compelled to blog a certain way after reading or visiting other blogs?
ANS: Yes

11. Describe yourself in one word.
ANS: Newbie.

Blogs I've nomited

Now, My Questions for you

Bellow are 11 random questions from me:

1. What do you like about your blog?

2. How did you feel after clicking create blog?

3. How do feel about your first post today?

4. When do you like writing a blog post?

5. Which music do you listen to when typing?

6. How many times do you read over drafts before publishing?

7. Have you ever reverted a post to drafts?

8. Why did you choose that blog title?

9. Were you ever afraid of writing about someone or somethins?

10. Have you ever scheduled an article to be published?

11. Do you use Twitter? If yes, what do you tweet?

Looking forward to your answers on your various blogs.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Are You An SHS Student? Get Mentored For FREE

Are you an SHS (Senior High School) student thinking about what career you would like to pursue? Are you troubled with the course you are currently reading and whether it will lead to your desired career? 

Junior Camp Ghana and Ahaspora Young Professionals, Ghana,  is closing 2013 with a career mentoring and life coaching event dubbed "Changing Mindset, Channeling our future"!!

If you know any SHS student kindly share this event with them and make the end of 2013 awesome in their life. The flyer below says it all. 

Then this event is a must attend for you! All students should register here: OR Call: 0272196393 for more details.

Date: 30 December 2013, 10: 00 AM 

Venue: World Bank (Head Office), Accra 

Rate: FREE(free lunch too)

Merry Christmas, See you there.

Share! Share!! Share!!!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

After #BCAccra - X'mas #VIM Walk to 37 Military Hosp.

After BarCamp Accra, it was time to go home. But Accra and traffic during the festive seasons won't permit some of us to just enter a trotro and get home, So we decided to keep going with our natural trotros. lol!

+Nathaniel ALPHA said we will walk to 37 Military Hospital but we all shouted. Hohooo! Ah! is too far!!. Too far? no it was too near instead.

Then the squad +Felix Nartey+Omane Ossei-Poku+Senam Aseye Bridget +Frank Bruce Seyram and +Enock Seth Nyamador (myself), started walking, come and see walking-discussion.

We were discussing a lot better things oo. One was, if we had trains in Ghana will things be like this?

We also talked about what if Accra was having free Wi-Fi hotspots. It will be good but hey, the Torrents, and others. The Wi-Fi hotspots money can be used for something better and other interesting ones.
I learn't something new also from +Frank Bruce and +Felix Nartey when I asked Felix to show me the Canadian Embassy High Commission in Accra. Thanks guys for that lecture.

Soon we were at the Flagstaff house and the #VIM was growing. Some of the vehicles we saw at The World Bank office were far behind us.
Finally we arrived at 37 Military Hospital Nat and Seyram dropped first, next was Frank, I was still moving with Tema folks (Senam, Felix nad Omane).
Said bye bye to Tema folks too. Am the only one left now. Quickly I found my way out. Before I realized Frank was sitting directly in front of me in the same trotro.

It was awesome, :-)

BarCamp Accra 2013 - More Than Awesome #BCAccra

By now I know my readers know what BarCamps in Ghana are like and some of you had the opportunity to attend, if you still don't know, this this will help you out.

Thanks to +Google Maps and my Google Map Maker boss +Felix Nartey no problem locating the venue this time. I found myself at The World Bank (Head Office) as directed. 

Hehe! The World Bank doesn't share money oo! Like someone was thinking. I love the place 99.9 % I will use the 0.01% for Lotto :-D.

The theme was "Exercising Ethics to Engineer Excellence" and the panel discussion for BarCamp was all about how we can deal with corruption in the Ghanaian community. 

As usual there was Speed mentoring session, which is like speed dating but you learnt via +Kuukuwa Manful

During the speed mentoring session, the rest of us in the conference room led by +Mac-Jordan Degadjor witnessed an awesome game known as "Chinese Whispers" you wanna what it is? Next time make it to nearest BarCamp, Ok? But I will tell you. 

Someone whispers something to you and you also whisper to someone till the last person. The last person will let everyone know what was whispered, afterwards the one who commenced will tell us all the right word. It was fun. The word that started was "Photowalk" but +Donald Ward  changed it to ... guess it.. are you correct? #Tonga. lol!  #tonga did not reach the last person. It was fun. :-). The last person's answers were funny. You just can't laugh. The reaction when someone whispers to you..... lol!

Breakout sessions were organised, was in  +Planning Wikimedia Ghana's Content Creation (Wikipedia) session organised by +Enock Seth Nyamador (myself) and +Felix Nartey. You can read about this session soon on PWMGH's blog.
 I also joined the Creative Writing breakout session led by +Kinna Likimani
BarCamp Ghana: Matching Twitter handles to faces via +Delalorm Semabia. So new and old faces met. I met +Doris Anson-Yevu +Felix Nartey +Sena Quashie +Senam Aseye Bridget +Roger Gaisie +Omane Ossei-Poku +oliver akindes  +nathaniel ALPHA +Akua Akyaa Nkrumah  +Kwabena Akuamoah-Boateng +Edmund Laryea and etc. Hey! wait +Ela Asare  .. just can't complete.

BarCamp Accra Accra ended with the Ghana National Anthem, Yen Ara Ase se ne, and Arise Ghana Youth. You can read a full recap of Barcamp Accra by +Mighty African here . Hope to see you at next BarCamp.