Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I've Been Away For Too Long

Greetings Dear Followers,

Sorry I've been away for too long. The long absence  from this blog didn't mean I've or am abandoning it.

The reason I've been away that long was I found a new home, this blog is still my first love :).

I created a new blog on github static pages using Ghost all because I want to learn. More about why I choose Ghost can be found here.

You can follow future blog posts at enockseth.github.io

Yes, this blog is still owned by me and I hope to come back sometime soon. :).

Thanks for your co-operation. Looking forward to hearing from you on my new blog.


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Free Wikipedia Access on MTN Ghana #WikipediaZero

Good Afternoon from Ghana lovely people. What is this Wikipedia Zero thing all about?

We all use Wikipedia. I use it everyday and contribute to it. Wait! if you still don't what Wikipedia is then let me help you out :) Below is the Wikipedia logo
Simply put, this is when you access Wikipedia on a telecommunication service provider's network free of charge. You can have 0.00 as your account balance but you still have 24/7 access to the Wikipedia; the free encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to.

MTN Ghana is the first to take this on in Ghana, I hope to see other Ghanaian telcos such as Tigo, Airtel, Vodafone and the rest take it up too, very soon. With Wikipedia Zero you can access Wikipedia from any Browser and the Wikipedia App  (For Android users here.)

It's FREE! Yes and also remember that everything on Wikipedia and its sister sites are all volunteer efforts. YES! Volunteers like you and I contribute to it.

If you're in Ghana and interested then the folks at Wikimedia Ghana User Group (WMGHUG) are always ready help you. This is a unique way to volunteer. Share you knowledge with world. Little is better none OR?

Read more about this as published on MyJoyOnline.com

Image Credit: @MTNGhana
Cheers! Thanks! Merci! Danke! Akpe!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My 2014, What and What?

Finally, I've put a post together for 2014. To cut long story short 2014 was a year of happiness and sadness, failure and success. It was a year of mixed feelings. But no hope lost we say #MoreVIM
Mixed feelings..... © progressinlending
In this post I'll like is to share some moments in 2014 with you.

I believe in networking and meeting new people and sharing ideas, that's why am a BarCamper.  I can't see the year pass without attending one, I was able to attend only 2 BarCamps this year BarCamp Tema and BarCamp Kumasi (First time in Kumasi :)) and it was worth it. Thanks to GhanaThink Foundation. You should also watch out for the next BarCamp near you in 2015.
Speed Mentoring at BarCamp Kumasi © Wikimedia Commons
Volunteering on the internet has always been awesome, it's fun for me contributing to Open Source and free projects. One of the projects I got addicted to this year OpenStreetMap.  I love maps. Remote mapping; I've contributed to HOT tasks, Mapping Ebola affected areas for use by MSF / Red Cross and other humanitarian groups. I take note of POIs (Points Of Interests) along roads whenever I visit somewhere / in a trotro (cab) plus GPS traces. The interesting part is Ghana now has street names and OSM needs this data too. You can get involved too. Also visit OSMGhana for more information. Stay tuned for more about OSM in Ghana.
JOSM - Powerful OpenStreetMap editor
Other projects I contributed to were Google Maps, Mapillary, Wikimedia Foundation projects (Wikipedia, etc).

Being a Wikipedian, I had the opportunity to attend Wiki Indaba conference, the first ever gathering of African Wikimedians and other open knowledge volunteers who are aligned to Wikimedia Foundation's mission in Johannesburg. It was fun and educative. Meeting new people is always something I love.
Wiki Indaba participants © Wikimedia Commons
I was at Edit Ghana Wikipedia Edit-a-thon session at iSpace as part of NVDay 14 activities, met a lot interesting people, Mabel, Prince, can't mention all you know :).
Edit Ghana Wikipedia Edith-a-thon participants ©Wikimedia Commons

Being part of National Volunteer Day 2014 team also gave the opportunity to learn lot of stuffs and I also did my best as a team member. Volunteering is the heart of community development. There is a lot to offer and learn as volunteer. If you've never volunteered, then you're missing something GREAT. Follow Ghana Volunteer Program for updates on volunteer opportunities in Ghana and stay tuned for NVDay 2015.

Made lot of friends at Peace Corps, Ghana through volunteering and I was glad attending Peace Corps Hack Malaria hackathon at Mobile Web Ghana.

Relating to education I got admission into University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, it was not easy getting in there. But thanks be to God Almighty first semester has ended. At UMaT I met a lot of new, nice and funny friends. In CE 1 class, we're family. Everyone is funny, serious and affected with the 'un' word.
Un :) © Enock Seth Nyamador
Staying in Gold Refinery Hall is one experience you can't forget because of these steps! Everybody love it :)
  Gold Hall steps © Enock Seth Nyamador
  Bing image and OSM data of steps (with arrow heads). © OSM Contributors
Tried polishing my photography skills. I found interest in the sun, clouds and Ariel view.
Clouds in Tarkwa © Enock Seth Nyamador
Osu ariel view from iSpace © Enock Seth Nyamador
Sunset at Gold Hall, Tarkwa © Enock Seth Nyamador 
Talking about some things I've failed / wasn't able to do: becoming a lazy blogger (here and other blogs such as unixmen and others). Not much improvement in programming languages I've chosen to learn and code in.

Now what for 2015?

Want to do more than in 2014. Help others in learning something new. Start something new or improve upon old ones. More codes and hacks! Meet more people, grow my network :D!

And not to forget one of my goals in 2015 is get a gear (may be a gift from someone, I don't know how. :)) and improve upon my photography skills, I wanna be a pro someday. :)

I fell in love with the gear below long before using that of Missy (D3200). Nice meeting Missy too in Ghana ;).
Dream gear! :) © Wikimedia Commons
Looking forward to a great 2015 thanks for passing by and see you in 2015. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2015.

Cheers! Merci! Thanks! Danke!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Wikipedia Breakout Session At BarCamp Kumasi 2014

Barcamp Kumasi 2014 was a free networking forum bringing people together for a day of discussion, demos and dialogue on Kumasi, Ghana and beyond. It took place on November 1, 2014 at the College of Science of Auditorium, KNUST. The theme was "Youth Entrepreneurship: Celebrating Our Heroes".

It gave youths the opportunity to meet other youths in their fields of interest for mentorship which is called Speed mentoring,
Speed mentoring in progress
There were mentors from fields such as; Technology, Entrepreneurship, Sanitation, Medicine and others.

I was at BarCamp Kumasi as a bar-camper and a Wikipedian. I had a breakout session on introduction to Wikipedia and what it takes to become a contributor to Wikipedia, first of all anyone, yes YOU can also contribute to Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopaedia.
Wikipedia session in progress......
The breakout session's main purpose was to present how the Wikipedia community works. I was glad I could answer a lot of questions from participants, making it very interactive.

One thing that came up was Kejetia Market and Kumasi Central Market was taken as one market on Wikipedia whiles in reality it's not. And it was an interesting argument...

Thanks Sean, for the mention:
Not to forget, some people (Wikipedia readers) are scared of hitting the [Edit] button on Wikipedia. They're not the first though, I was too :). But it's fun and interesting when you know.

At the end of I session distributed some Wikipedia swags; tags, pens, markers and stickers sent by Rexford. Thanks for sending them Rex.
Participants posing for a group photo with their Wiki swags :)
Everyone was willing to share their knowledge with the whole world through Wikipedia. I was glad when all decided to sign up and join the Wikimedia Ghana UG community, and have followed up already.

Cheers and thanks for passing.